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Mycelium Bear Bundle by

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Looking to grow your own Mycelium Bear? 

It is easier than every with our Mycelium Bear Bundle. The bundle includes:

  • Bear Form
  • GIY Material

Only ships to the USA.

Material Info

3lb dehydrated bag of Grow-It-Yourself Mushroom® Material is the perfect way to bring your Earth-friendly creations to life! Whether you have a product idea in mind, or just want to experiment with the material at home, GIY Mushroom® Material is meant for you!

Bear Form Info

This thermoformed shape will allow you to grow a bear using Grow-It-Yourself material.


  • Made of recyclable PETG plastic
  • 6.5" tall bear
  • Can be used over and over. Handwash it and reuse it! (Not dishwasher safe)

    See our Shipping policy for more information. 


    How-to Video



    Spec Sheet

    Material Specs

    • Density: 7.6 lbs/ft3
    • Compressive Stress/Strength at 15% compression: 18 psi
    • Flexure Strength: 34 psi
    • Dry weight= 0.9 lb, hydrated weight= 3 lb
    • Each bag will grow to fill 0.12ft3 (3398cm3)

    By purchasing this material you are agreeing to the terms in the GIY licensing agreement.

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