Good Evening, We're From Ukraine! 🎶🇺🇦

UPDATED: 10.2.2022

My name is Oleksandra, I am 1 of the owners of Olde Soul and I’m from Mukachevo, Ukraine. Mukachevo is a small town in Western Ukraine that is currently housing over 100,000 refugees. I, am currently writing this from Austin, Texas where my husband, kiddos and I are completely safe. Heartbroken but extremely HOPEFUL because together we can help Ukraine and we can win this war from Russia. 

To take you back, we didn't always sell products supporting Ukraine. The idea for Olde Soul marketplace was always to be a place that connects small makers and their products with shoppers who are passionate about supporting small businesses. Have been able to do so successfully since 2020 when we began this online venture. 

Everything changed on February 24, 2022. I Oleksandra got a text message from my brother, who still lives in Ukraine, that Russian forces entered Ukraine. I confirmed this by turning on a news channel and seeing tanks cross the border.

On February 25th, in between tears,  I figured out a way I could help. I began to design Ukrainian-inspired tees, sweatshirts, and accessories. A few days later I met a few Ukrainian artists online and started collaborating with them. We created designs that ask for Ukrainian Freedom, ask to stop Putin, show geometrical size comparing Ukraine and Russia, and were inspired by the Snake Island 13. 

Why am I doing all this besides the obvious? This cause is extremely close to my heart. My brother and close family still live in Mukachevo, Ukraine. Some of my family members are currently displaced from Kyiv. My cousin is on the front lines. This is extremely personal. Creating this capsule and being able to help in any way possible has completely consumed my life. Until Ukraine is FREE and children are safely playing outside I will continue to raise funds.

From 3.2.2022 all of the proceeds were donated to multiple causes below.

Here's the list of where we have donated to so far:

- We continue to support our local Austin organization Liberty Ukraine as they concentrate their efforts on sending items Ukrainian Armed forces need. You can learn and donate to them directly here

- We have purchased 10 military style drones in memory of Vova Fratkin 128th Brigade from Mukachevo, Ukraine

- Your purchases are buying medical aid, food, helmets, and armory for the front lines through UA Abroad. You can donate directly here and learn more about them here.

- We have been able to donate directly to the victims of rape by purchasing medicine they are highly in need of. Shipping it from other towns if necessary. For victims from Kyiv oblast, towns like Bucha.

- You are supporting 24 Kanal Ukraine which is on 24/7 delivering the only news in some places in Ukraine. Places that have access to radio only. You can support them directly here.

- We have also donated directly to refugees like Sasha and Sophia who need help getting out of the war zone in Ukraine.

- Other organizations we support are Razom For Ukraine Organization and Ukraine's main charity fund.

Starting 10.2.2022 our donations will be concentrated on one sprecific non profit organization here in Austin - Liberty Ukraine. We have been inspired by all of the work they have done and continue to do.

You can help by purchasing items from the We Stand With Ukraine Collection and by adding additional amounts in Cart.


It has been upsetting to see how many online stores are monetizing on this war. When you shop our products YOU are helping within days of your purchase. This is not a scam. We are able to provide proof of donations when you contact It has also been upsetting that Instagram, Pinterest, and Google have felt that our capsule is politically driven and has been disapproved from advertising or raising additional awareness. We would be extremely appreciative if you could share this story.

Again, THANK YOU so much to every single one of you who has donated, who has shared our capsule, and who has shown support by sending us their photos. From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU for supporting the country that has the bravest people, going through the worst imaginable.