The Olde Soul started as a men’s barbershop in Austin, Texas. The first location opened in early 2019 with a simple dream: start a modern barber + retail front offering high-quality services and grooming products. 

Everything changed for Olde Soul Barbershop when COVID-19 started. The global pandemic forced our team out of typical work to reinvent what it meant to be a small business, serve our community, and support other small businesses. Locally-designed shirts were made for barber clients to support the shop which sparked an idea.

With the support of our Austin community, we were inspired to create something meaningful beyond the walls of our Austin shop: an online marketplace to connect creatives and their unique products with shoppers looking to support small businesses. 

The Olde Soul was born. 


We like to describe the Olde Soul Barbershops as Barber Collectives. Olde Soul Barber Collective is a group of barbers who come together for a common goal of a great client experience and working together pulling from each other's strengths. They love what they do and make up a diverse range of experiences ready to serve the Austin community.

“Modern Feel With An Olde Soul” inspire our 4 Austin locations in East Six, South Lamar, Mueller, and Southpark Meadows. Our logo, The Anchor is one of the oldest and most widely recognized symbols in human history. Its origins are lost to the mists of time, but its meaning for us is clear: home, stability, and support in this career called barbering.


The Olde Soul aims to operate as a marketplace that connects makers and their products with shoppers who are passionate about supporting small businesses. We aim to empower those businesses to sell their unique goods more easily while giving shoppers a great online retail experience. 

The Olde Soul offers a diverse range of unique, high-quality products that can’t be found at big retailers including personal care products, apparel, home goods, and lifestyle accessories like prints and stickers. We feature over 100 small businesses across the United States. Our marketplace is always looking to expand our offerings and showcase more independent makers.